Looking for the perfect gift to give that special someone?

Looking to treat yourself just for being the awesome person that you are?

Look no further- I got you!

Lifetique is a stockist of rare, carefully curated items for everyday wear that are sure to not only make YOU feel beautiful, but will keep you accessorized to the max.

Launched in October 2017, Lifetique is a Lifestyle Boutique that has become not only my creative outlet- but also a site that Women visit to support and empower other Women. I am a strong advocate of Women owned small businesses, which is why 100% if the items sold on Lifetique are sourced direct from Female artisans and Female run businesses (pretty cool, huh?). I only stock the best quality items that I can find, pieces that are not only beautiful + affordable, but also have longevity.

I spend countless hours searching for PERFECT pieces to stock, but let me assure you...the hunt is only half the fun! The other half is meeting and collaborating with artisans and other like-minded business women who are killing it in the small business world.

Go ahead and browse the site- life is too short to be wearing necklaces that tarnish and rings that turn your finger green!